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Our Projects

To-date, Autove has implemented robotics solutions for autonomous vehicles deployment.

We enable automation 

With a strong technical background, Autove help enable some of the world's best technology in automation.


Year Autove was founded and started on Neolix autonomous delivery vehicles.


Average number of robotic deployments Autove conducts in a year


Our direct partnerships with market leaders cover most of the robotics market

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What Sets Us Apart

Autove began working on self-driving vehicles in 2019. We learned firsthand how automation has the potential to completely transform the way we work in the future. Since then, we've successfully managed automation projects for autonomous delivery robots in Singapore with NEOLIX vehicles, PUDU Robotics food delivery robots, and S3 Robotics service robots, from concept to execution.

Because of our strong expertise in self-driving vehicles, AI-powered robotics, and delivery robots, the Autove team is ideally suited to assist with the launch and scaling of a world-class autonomous delivery system.

About Autove

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