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What we learnt from NTUC seniors day care centre.

Updated: May 18, 2022

Autove at NTUC daycare centre in Admiralty
We have arrived at our latest deployment site!

The NTUC day care at Admiralty is a facility for seniors to enjoy engaging activities and to provide a personalised, supportive, and caring environment.

Bellabot, Pudu Robotics' premium waiter robot, was easy to install. However, three things stuck out that truly opened our eyes to how automation may bring about positive change in ways we never expected.

NTUC day care robot site survey by Autove
NTUC day care centre during lunch

1. Dynamic use of space

We saw one of the most creative uses of space by NTUC healthcare personnel due to space constraints in this facility. The area was used for three main purposes. It was first utilized as an activity hall in the morning, then for lunch, and eventually for a relaxation space after lunch. So, in only a few hours, the room was altered for three different purposes in a matter of minutes. It's nearly like how a theatre's scenic set designs alter throughout a play.

We had programmed Bellabot to make deliveries to specific places / markers due to this technicality. Sounds simple, right? During operations, however, Bellabot had to navigate through tight and crowded locations, with healthcare workers rushing in and out. Chairs were being shuffled about, adding to the confusion. We were a little concerned at first, but Bellabot exceeded our expectations. This can be attributed to the advanced obstacle avoidance onboard system present in most delivery robots.

Pudu Robotics Bellabot Autove
"I'm going to replace you!" Bellabot says to Trolley

2. Reaction from healthcare workers

We were initially concerned about how healthcare staff would react to automation tools like robots. We were, however, completely mistaken. The healthcare worker breathed a sigh of relief after seeing and understanding Bellabot, believing that this robot could literally "save his knees". Observing them hurry through their everyday tasks, one can only conclude that this is a valid statement. After all, the majority of the healthcare personnel appeared to be in their forties and above. This indicates that older people are looking after the seniors.

this robot could literally "save his knees"

When it came to educating the healthcare workers on how to use Bellabot, the user-friendly interface and commands really helped. It only took 30 minutes for them to familiarise!

Most Pudu Robotics delivery robots carried by Autove have been carefully vetted for ease of use, robustness, and functionality. Our operators, of course, are extremely knowledgeable and can explain things in simple words.

Autove conducting site deployment using Bellabot, Pudu robotics
Training Bellabot to recognise the environment

3. Robots do not replace humans

Despite the fact that Autove is a robotics automation company, we do not believe that robots can entirely replace people. Strange? The daily interactions and exchanges between healthcare personnel and seniors were undeniably important. Their communication served as a bridge. And we at Autove wants to continue to help enable more of that, by employing automation to eliminate laborious and repetitive tasks. This then allows healthcare personnel to keep doing what they're doing, which is establishing a caring and engaging workplace.

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